Uk elections 7th May 2015.

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It is not long now. In a few days people in UK will choose their future leaders. Personally I wouldn't know who to vote for.


Yes, they have improve British economy but also increased debt and I have got feeling that their actions serve only to elite. Working people don't feel any improvement really. Ok, fuel is cheaper than before Tories, but that's due global oil price. Not thanks to Tories.


I don't know, party for people and they sound good, but it is thanks to them UK went into a lot of trouble. Them, and global recession. So, maybe it wasn't really Labour fault.



ahh, my favourite. Party of one agenda. Blame immigrants for all the trouble UK has. Seems to work well for them. Trouble is, that British citizens never understood implications of belonging to UE, nor they understand implications of coming out of UE.



Things are getting interesting.

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