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Can you influence the outcome of the globe’s probably most significant Conference on sustainable development to the environment to economic opportunity? The UN Secretary General seems to think you can be a force for good as well as initiative."Go to vote.riodialogues.org. Tell us what you think. Those votes – the voices of the people – can make a difference in building a prosperous, equitable, stable and sustainable world for all," asked UNSG Ban Ki-moon in launching the Rio +20 Dialogues: Vote for the Future We Want online platform. Results of the poll will be presented to world leaders attending the UN’s Sustainable Development Conference (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 20-22, 2012. "The dialogues are an attempt to create a bridge between civil society and the official proceedings of the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development." See Film for Blog Report - “Rio+20 – Your Future?"

The global poll is part of a social networking initiative of the Government of Brazil, supported by the United Nations. Preparations have been ongoing and a social media campaign has been underway. Participants included activists, human rights advocates, community leaders, civil society members, economists and urban planners. The discussions led to some 100 policy proposals, which are the ones that the public can vote on at vote.riodialogues.org. Some of the recommendations include putting a price on carbon emissions, setting up a global network of international marine protected areas, and adjusting Gross Domestic Product for environmental damage. See Blog for Film“#FutureWeWant: Rio+20 Social Media Campaign Starts” Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, the voting for the online global poll will close on 15 June.


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