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Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Poland, Republic of Korea, and Switzerland are vying to host the Green Climate Fund (GCF) which was created to help developing nations protect themselves from climate impacts and build their own sustainable futures. UN related institutions have over the last few years established key offices outside of its 3 main domain homes: New York City, Geneva and Vienna. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) for example recent established its home base in Nairobi and the International Criminal Court in The Hague. UNESCO has long been centered in Paris. The UN Secretary General's visit to his home country Korea on an environmental program agenda is perceived by some as an endorsement. "Saving the Oceans: a Reinvigorating Compact".


The competition to host GCF has picked up as the Fund’s Board has now officially met for the first time with all 24 seats filled and two Co-Chairs elected Mr. Zaheer Fakir of South Africa and Mr. Ewen McDonald of Australia. Mr. Fakir is the Head of International Relations and Governance of the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa. Mr. McDonald is the Deputy Director General of the Australian Agency for International Development .


The Fund was stablished by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) during the 2011 UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, There has been substantive debate leading up to Durban as to how the Fund should be managed/funded – with private or public sector resources: Read our Blog for Film: “How to Manage the UN Climate Fund” .  According to a press release confirming the inaugural session, the GCF will now set about satisfying its mandate, which includes providing developing countries with simplified and improved access to climate change funding, as well as providing them support to limit or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Fund is also one of the more notable results of the Durban talks, which otherwise was judged as a disappointment by many. Read our Blog for Film "Durban Climate Talks Failure or Success?”.


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