UN-Europe Cold Due to Climate Change?

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UN’s WMO forecast current cold spell in Europe will start “easing slowly from next week.” However, climate change may be the longer-term threat. Omar Baddour, the WMO’s, (World Metrological Organization), Chief Global Climate Monitoring specialist said part of the explanation for the current cold weather in Europe was due to a “Negative Arctic Oscillation.” The Arctic Oscillation is the difference in pressure between Polar areas and mid-latitude areas (where most of the population in Europe lives). At the moment there is a negative Arctic Oscillation, which favors cold conditions in Europe and relatively warmer conditions in the Arctic. Climate Change & Sustained? However, Mr. Baddour also warned that climate change may also be playing a part in the cold weather through a change in ocean salinity and impacts upon the Gulf Stream: “With the melting of the Greenland ice, not the sea ice, it will change the salinity of the ocean in the North Atlantic and changing the salinity will change also the gulf stream and the gulf stream is the major source of energy for most of Western Europe. So changing the salinity by melting ice and changing and blocking or slowing down somehow the gulf stream might have an impact on colder than average winter conditions over Europe. But this, please take it as a hypothesis, it needs to be yet confirmed by more solid and more robust scientific studies, but scientifically it’s a good hypothesis, it’s not a false hypothesis, it can be theoretically explained, but practically it needs strong observation network over the ocean a deep ocean to see how the circulation is really changing.” North America Next to Face Arctic Oscillation? Climate change is not so much about global warming as it is about greater extremes and rapid alteration to which mankind and nature may have difficulty adjusting. While Europe gradually warms up, parts of North America will significantly cool down, after an unusually warm winter. However, Europe and even parts of North Africa may face a sustained trend of cooling affecting everything from agriculture, to energy usage to lifestyle. Climate change? It’s not proven but I would not want to gamble against that possibility! Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey - FOLOW mo @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook-Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect”

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