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 We can all remember that moment in childhood when we go on vacation to a swimming pool or even to a public pool with some of our closest friends and family members, and there’s always that one child that asks the most thrilling question of your life at the time, “How long can you hold your breath underwater? I bet I can beat you! Let’s race!”


And off you go, challenging your new competitor to see who can hold their breath the longest. So you struggle as hard as you can and once in a while peeking underwater at the other person to see if they’ve floated up to the top just yet. In the end there is always a winner and we try and try again.

 Well, I know one person that can’t be beat when it comes to this competition, Stig Severinsen, that is the man who can hold his breath under water for a very impressive jaw-dropping 22 minutes. He abused the recent Guinness World Record by a Denmark native who came in at 20 minutes and 10 seconds.


I would definitely avoid challenging Severinsen in any underwater breathing competitions that’s or sure. But this record breaking man did have some slight help as he breathed pure oxygen piped into a respirator in the pool right before holding his breath.

 Pure oxygen or not I would maybe be able to hold my breath for about a minute just maybe, but 22 minutes is just outrageous. Severinsen also trained by learning to slow his resting heart rate way below 30 beats per minute to slow down the burning of oxygen in the body.


He also stated using meditation techniques underwater by recalling childhood memories and other various imprinted memories that may arise. Whatever the techniques he used, they surely have not let him down that’s a definite.

 All in all, Severinsen beat a remarkable record that may even come in handy if ever lost at sea and needed to hunt fish underwater for an extended period of time. But then again my imagination may be getting the better of me. Nonetheless this crazy man cannot be beaten and a truly modern superhero. 

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