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Unemployment is a very serious problem in the developing countries of the world. It is certainly adding to economic difficulties in almost every household today. One can see thousands of young degree holders, lookng for jobs and build their future. Joblessness is creating frustration among these youth. The dilemma is, that there is no such program from states to utilize this talent and educated young guns in a useful way. Most of these young people now use mobiles and internet to kill their frustration and get rid of depression. They use them for chatting and useless joy and doing nothing but wasting their precious time.

There is always a ray at the "end" of every tunnel - a ray of hope to get out - and Bitlanders is the ray of hope for such youth. Bitlanders is a social media which is not only useful and educate people (especially young boys and girls from developing countries), but it also pays its contributors and users. This is of immense help for jobless youth of developing countries. Now they can engage themselves in useful activities on Bitlanders. They can earn in digital currency that is called bitcoin (click the link to read all about bitcoin), by writing blogs, micro-blogs and by uploading films and videos. Hence, Bitlanders, to some an extent has helped and solved the unemployment problem for many of the young people in the underdeveloped world.

As I have stated it in my previous blog as well that in most of the Muslim countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are also underdeveloped countries, women face problems when they are out of their homes. At first, they can't get education equally but if some of them do, they have to remain and stay at home after completing the education or get married soon after. They can not make use of their education and other creative faculties. Bitlanders provides them the opportunity to show their talent and abilities. These sisters of ours are now earning a respectable living through a respectable Bitlanders platform while staying at home, working through their computers.

I will gather some statistics later on as how many people are actively earning in these underdeveloped countries, also the ratio of women vs men, boys and girls since I am curious to know what THESE people are really thinking about Bitlanders and can share their views with me.Bitlanders is doing a wonderful job, educating, entertaining and providing economic independence at the same time to countless young people all over the world, especially the young people who need money to either support their families or who want money to support and continue their education.

But, this platform is not for jobless people only - this platform is for them as well who work hard in life yet due to low wages, their end doesn't meet very well and they need some extra income to come up with all expenses and bills they have to pay. I have talked to a couple of people over here and they were actually very pleased and reiterated that they will work harder than the previous days since they can see the fruit they reap at the end of the month. I would finish this blog for now with saying - please, do come, join this platform, you are not losing ANYTHING at all - give it some time, work harder and see the results yourself. If you haven't registered yet, why not REGISTER ON Bitlanders now!

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