Unknown Facts about Back pain

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What Does Back Pain Mean?
In general back pain is an acute pain that is felt at the back portion of your body. The intensity of the pain may vary from mild to heavy. Again, its duration is also variable. You may suffer from back pain for a short duration to longer period of time. When your limbs and bones gets excess stress from lifting heavy things or something else like it back pains may develop with you instantly and with the day on the condition of your pain deteriorates gradually.

Who are susceptible to getting the back pain?

There is no strict rules and regulation for getting the back pain. Anyone can discover back pain with him or her. But, on the following conditions you are more prone to the back pain.

  • Age is an important thing for getting back pain. The more you are being older the risk of getting back pain increase more. In general, most of the people experience back pain at the age of 35-45.
  • If your physical fitness is not good enough, you need to improve it because; sometimes poor physical fitness may lead you to the back pain. Most commonly, it has seen that, back pain occurs more in people with poor physical fitness than the people with strong physical fitness.
  • If your weight increase rapidly and you cannot control it anyway, you are at risk with back pain. The logic is that, over weight, creates over stress on your bones and develops back pain with you.
  • Heredity is another factor that affects the back pain. Back pain is intimately related with the arthritis and arthritis is associated with heredity somewhat. So, if any of your close relative is affected by back pain, you have a risk to get it.
  • You may find back pain as the side effect of other diseases. As an example, if you are suffering from arthritis severely, it may lead you to cancer and in this situation you may discover back pain with you.
  • If you are doing heavy job like lifting heavy machineries or carry out heavy goods you are at risk of back pain. From this heavy work your spine gets stressed and as a result back pain may develop. Sometimes, it has seen that, you sit on the chair for a long time without changing your position. It also increases the chance of getting back pain with you.
  • It is a well known sentence that, “smoking is injurious to health.” Some people think that, smoking causes only the diseases related to lunch. But, you are completely wrong, dear! Smoking can accelerate your back pain. If you are a smoker, your cough is responsible for getting back pain to you

A race of human also affects back pain development. Black women are more prone to back pain rather than the white women. The ratio is 1:3 for black and white woman respectively.

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