Unless we born how many times

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Most of people live like they are alive for hundreds of years and they can live forever but they forget that we don’t know how long we are alive, although we often don’t live for ourselves rather we live for others and consider too much their opinion and their thoughts

For instance my grandma, god bless her soul which she didn’t like long hair and she liked to cut her hairs but she was afraid of other’s thoughts and comments about her and she was saying that it is too important to consider people’ s opinion and thoughts although it is not important that their sayings are true or wrong . I was calling my grandma (Bibi) which in Farsi means granny.

I was telling her not to consider their hand in your life but however you wear scarf and nobody will understand about your hairs, she told me that you are young and you don’t understand they will make fun of me



You may think that she belongs to past generations and we are the new generations so we are different but if you pay attention carefully you will notice as my girl friends which they talk about modernity but they also consider others thoughts too much.

Like when they are on their way to university and if someone disturbs them they cannot complain because they are afraid of misunderstanding of others because they my think that this is thier fault


As I was saying this is an obvious problem between the new generation and this is up to us to find a solution for this, which I think that the best way is to have freedom in our thoughts and thinking and not to consider other’s hand in our life. Although we born how many times, then wherefore not to be ourselves and not to accomplish our desires.. 


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