Unnoticeable change in women conditions

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It is supposed after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 women in Afghanistan have achieved significant human right gains. But hardly the US led invasion demonstrated very little evidence in improvement of women and girls. The new constitution guarantees girls have the right to go to school, but school buildings are unsafe with severe shortage of teachers, building infrastructure facilities and equipments.

Apart from that the gender mindset of the country still doesn’t like women to be working outside or sending their girl child to school. This continuing cultural and religious conservativeness lets to real obstacles in women life development with hardly any participation in the economy, politics and society.

The book Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife by Sushmita Bandhopadhayay narrates a vivid and touching experience of a lady, who loved, got married and moved to Afghanistan where she was harassed by the Taliban for refusing to obey their orders such as converting to Islam. The book describes her life and how she fled to her homeland.

Be it in the time of Taliban rule or US invasion life of a girl has hardly changed. All Afghan women still has fight against the misogynistic traditions and values held in their families in order obtain permission to participate in the social, economical and political life of their communities, they encounter every day the struggle against the violence, assault, abuse and discrimination that they have to face daily both indoors and outdoors.

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