Upcoming Shows from Biddle Productions - SUMMER 2014

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This summer's work schedule is still up in the air.  However, we are working on a travel/lifestyle show on CAMPING. There's no title yet but the process has been started.

We're also looking to do a local show the will review restaurants in the Spokane/CD'A Idaho area. 

We're also working on a show that we originally canceled production on but with FilmAnnex we will have a proper place to share it with the world. It is titled Gas Station Theater. The show follows what goes down when strangers meet at a Gas Station.  One week it could be a family drama, the next a slapstick comedy. You never know what will happen on Gas Station Theater.

Attention ACTORS, if you would like to provide a voice for Gas Station Theater put together a 30 second voice reel and email it to us at:


This is open to anyone who reads this blog and wants to try voice over acting in a low pressure environment.


Be able to record your voice at home.

Be reliable.

Have Fun!

Thank you for reading our blog!



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