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I have now a few month in this site, and I have to say that yes I am now at a constant buzz score, and my revenues are more or less also constant, but even for the best contents I've seen in the site, the comments are what really brings me down, out of all of the comments most of them are stickers to get peoples atention and receive some buzz, but not actual comments that show interest on the topic, most of the posts from microblogs could be a simple hello, or a question, but all you see is "buzz you, buzz me back" wouldn't it be better if peoplo tried to be active but in a way more positive way? like starting a good debate, or buzzing on a post because it is really good, and not just to get people to buzz your spam posts? 

Let's make this a better experience and help this community grow, if you feel like this is good comment with your own opinions! 


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