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Since I am officially back to being an employee, I am now updating my online profiles for this new job that I am in!

I got my linked in profile updated with the new company's info on it as well as the description of my new full time job. It had updated immediately which should be the right way.

However, when I came to Facebook and updated my work experience profile, it somehow had posted it on my profile but there's a note on it saying that it will be appearing on my news feed in a few hours from the time that I had posted it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make a screen shot of it last night but then today's screen shot show that it will be posted in 4 hours from now. Hmm, I wonder why it is showing that way when it should just publish it right away.

But anyway, there's nothing I can do with it so I am just waiting for it and just post it anytime it wants to!

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