Uploading movie on film annex? Read these rules

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Uploading movie on film annex? Read these rules….

 Before uploading movie on film annex you have to know some rules presented by film annex team. These are enlisted below

  • Everyone is responsible for what he/she is going to upload the video must be high quality.
  • Make sure that the video you are going to upload is not infringing the copy right of others.
  • Do not add play back song of any movie or any type of song otherwise your movie will be rejected.
  • It is strictly marked that you video does not constitute any content of TV show, drama film etc. I saw many videos which are stolen from TV dramas of video song the film annex will reject your video.
  • Only upload videos which are considered to be for fair use.
  • Do not upload videos of computer games your buzz will fall down.
  • If you want to get rid of spamming follow these rules and increase your buzz score.

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