Urban League: in extispicy

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A piece of legislation - m gonna make a slow easy approach - 'That thing is freakin noisy!' wrappin a disturbance for its own buckin sprawl, got a knife out, 'm doin better than "hangin in there." '

'Awesome. I need your secret.'

Flaps of plastic - reel around it - my boys'll have yarbrook in wind.

Sheriff's deputy greenhorn has Ray Bans, a surefire critter crawlin hin his brain and a 12-gauge.

Po boy sure has cancer and with the strength of board playas, I can...

... it was a jacked up fund, got an avatar, ________ {boom} light at Anton's vest.

'Play me down soft,' she said, volplane

Scoundrel sucks, scoundrel is cheery, love him nonetheless, tow the loom

Deputy friend, corncob pipe: 'See it won't take much to get turned on.'

Mabsoot: 'Submission.'

'She's everything to me.'

'... I'd tickle your feet.'  


Bars, 10 a.m. Emmy does La Brea Tar Pits for insurance man, Jackie goes real har...       


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