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Today started off like any other ordinary day. The sun wasn't shining (come on... I'm in England... what do you expect), and the only noise there I heard was my mum constantly saying my name to wake me up.  But even so, I was in an amazing mood. I had lunch and settled on the sofa to watch some funny cat videos for the next few hours when it hit me....... I'm a pushover...
Now, I know I need to add some backstory for this to make sense but I'm always the one to say sorry even when its not my fault. People ask me for stuff and its very rare I say no. And you know what? I'm fed up of this. Screw you and your constant need to make me feel like nothing and to make me feel like I ALWAYS need to say sorry. How about the next time you do something wrong you apologise ?? You can have me as I am, your friend, but you cannot make me, or any other human being feel like a inferior nothing compared to you, its wrong and you need to stop it. Everyones an equal. You aren't above me so I suggest you get the hell out of my life before I kick you out of it.

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