Usage of Face book

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Although social media is the best way of the enjoyment and communications in the initial and through this media we are connect with the lot of thousand peoples in the life. This way is the most famous and popular for the communications.


But now today’s, our young generations is wasting their lot of important time in the face book and other social medias. They feel jealousy and heats with the other friends when they see their activities’ and people support them. Many boys just search face book for the girl friends and its does not matter they are ready to make friend with each girl although she will be fake on id.

Many people feel lonely in the real life when they spend a much time on the face book.


Many people use the social media for the unnecessary activities. They search porn sites and then they send their own prohibited pics etc to girls on the face book while according to the calculations many girls are also using social sites for these activities.


But face book played an important role in our life and face book have major role in our life now.


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