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I would like to share this product not to invite you to some Multilevel-Marketing Business but to encourage you to use this product. This is to help people with history of certain health problems i.e. diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

This type of diseases is caused by free radicals or oxidative stress and can be fought by taking antioxidants.


First, I would like you to watch this video to understand what are Free Radicals and also to know the importance of Antioxidants in our body.

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As you've seen in the video Antioxidants are needed in order to fight the Free Radicals.

Going back to the product, Usana Essenitals so far is the most effective Supplement I've taken in my 25 years of existence. This product was introduced to me by an old friend way back December 2015 and I've been using this product until now. At first, I admit that I was so skeptic but after experiencing the results, it made me realize that this is the product can help my family too. Before, I always got easily sick just by a little rain, constipated for 1 to 3 days and can't sleep very well but after taking the product those problems were addressed.  


"No approved therapeutic claims" is written in the bottle unlike any other products. So basically it means that the product is effective.

Here's another video on how this product helps you in promoting Optimal Health.

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I also watched another video about Usana Essentials' "Product Testing" and I also tested it myself and got the same result. Please watch the video below.

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To add more knowledge about the product I want to introduce to you the Founder. On 1992, Dr Myron Wentz started Usana Health Sciences. Dr. Wentz pioneered the development of human cell culture technology and infectious disease diagnoses in which he became known internationally. 

He also developed the first commercially available test for diagnosing infection with the Epstein-Barr virus.



Here's another video that about the Usana Essentials on why it is the most trusted and safest Health Supplement Worldwide.

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Honestly, the product costs much than a normal supplement but I guarantee you that it is worth it because of the benefits that it may give to you and to your family.

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