USB Type-C new standard USB cable

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USB Type-C new standard USB cable


-USB developers already 15 years research for this. He said
-The possibility of the next generation of Apple products (Mac, or iDevice) will use the new stadar USB cable USB Type-C. And a ' pioneer ' using the USB Type-C.
-USB Type-C replaced the USB standard that we wear today.
-USB type-C also known as USB 3.1 Type-C to this will be the new standard and began to be mass produced in September (for the Americas), October to November, and Europe to Asia.
-USB type-C is actually similar to the micro-USB is used for some ' plugs ' phone/tablet/cameras etc .... BUT the difference is ' reverse '.
-USB Type-C has 18 pins. Well later be used all sorts of in-out-put.
-Speed of USB type-C can transmit 10 Gbps. USB 3.0 As the maximum rate of the cross reference data 5gbps (400mbps fact-an) and USB 2.0 only 60Mbps (in reality an 40mbps).
-Able to transmit power to the 100Watt
-For ' fixed ' could use a USB type-A (standard) to type-C (or the reverse) we could use a sort of ' adapters ' connector

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