use of internet

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Many computer networks of the world were connected together, to communicate each other internet was formed. In other word internet is a network of computer networks which spread in all parts of the world. Today we are bounded with internet. Internet has both positive and negative advantages.


Internet helps us in many ways. It helps us to download movies, dramas and all other things which entertain us all are available on internet. Today young generation spend his extra time on internet for example in free time they use Facebook. With the help of internet we study about the history and we can learn about the historical personalities and historical places. This increases our knowledge. It is also an important source of communication. We can give our information about our conditions, health and surroundings.


On other hand internet has many negative benefits people waste their most time on using internet or due to internet sites. They use internet all day and when their internet packages ended they see movies or dramas which they download. They use it in negative ways which may cause disaster of their moral and character. Today due to internet many people like each other and internet also cause the disaster of the life of many peoples.

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