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Drupal is an open source software is developed and maintained by developers and users. Since it is open source, anyone can download it and share it with others.
Drupal comes with a number of uses which makes it a favorite with its huge community of over 6,30,000. You can make an excellent website in no time using this software. It also provides a number of themes to choose from, which can help in ensuring that the website can get instant recognition from the desired people.
This open CMS can be used to create complex websites like rich-media sites, e-commerce stores, photo or art galleries, property portals and community portals. From design point of view, Drupal gives full creative freedom to developers.
It also makes it easy to connect your website to other sites across the web, using feeds, and search engine capabilities. This includes integrating social networking to engage with a wider audience.
Some of the most popular brands use the Drupal platform to design their websites. These include FedEx, Forbes, Warnerbros, ABC Electronic Arts, The United Nations, The Discovery Channel, British Council amongst several others. This is because its flexibility handles innumerable content types including text, blog, video, podcasts and real-time statistics.
It also comes with many tools to help one organize, structure and re-use the content. The meta-tags aid in better page control and construction content kit can be used to create content types and also create advanced custom views without writing any code. One can go back and view the older versions after saving the changes made every time. It is also one of the most effective tools for documentation.
Another important place where Drupal can be used is on the various social media platforms for making applications. Many popular Blogs, Company and individual profiles, Q&A platforms and even Wiki's make use of Drupal for uploading and displaying content. This is mainly because of the fact that Drupal is an open source platform and permits a high level of interactivity which is absent in most other platforms in use today.
Moreover, thanks to the ease of use, Drupal based applications can be developed for almost any social media platform including Facebook where it is the preferred choice of web developers, Twitter, Google+ and even the latest one Pinterest. Also, anyone can add, edit or entirely change the code that was used for developing the application for various platforms.

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