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Nowadays the people are as depended in computer application as they could not do anything without them exactly. Do you know the reason?  Yes, it is related to the quality and programs of computer. The computer engineers made the application as well as there is no flaw in their progression. When the program maker wants to make a program in a working field, first of all they observe all the needs. If we pay attention well, will see that there are different applications for different tasks with more facilities, that we could use them to solve our problems.

As I explained about the computer programs, I would name some more computer programs. There are different programs that are used for different computer program for example the ex application the is used for database and restoring of information. Excel spreadsheet is an accounting application that is used in daily accounting. PowerPoint is a program which is used for presentation.

Browsers are the programs which are used for surfing in the internet. Players or media players are used for watching video and music. The word process application is a program which is used for all kind of applications and is very useful and capable in the writing field.

Fortunately, we teach a very useful program for our students the is very necessary for them. The program is word. During last week we taught some parts of it for the students and they learnt very interestingly. The parts that we studied are, smartart, shapes, clipart, table, cover page, screen shot, chart, hyerlink and so more.

The aim to teach the program for the girls is that they could write their articles to put them in film annex and use that for other necessities of their life. Fortunately the hatifi high school students are very smart and high qualified in blog writing that are writing to film annex. They are very grateful of film annex and Citadel Company that made it possible for them to write.

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