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Have you ever been to a library? Well if you, have then you will find this unit easy to follow but if you haven’t then this unit is going to help you understand what a library is, what type of books you can find in it, why one needs to visit a library and what are its uses?

The librarian gives some important instruction to Sanam and also gives a copy of the rules and regulation of the library. Listen to what the librarian is saying. You’ll get four library tickets and you can borrow one book on one ticket.

You can keep books for one month and you can extend the date also but if you’re late in returning the book, you’ll have to pay a fine. Please leave your purse or briefcase on the counter when you enter the library. Please do not speak loudly as other readers might feel disturbed. Sanam has got the library card.

She goes to the shelves to search for the books she needs. She finds hundreds of books there and thinks it is not possible to see each and every book. So she back to the librarian and asks his help. Let us listen to their conversation.

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