Şuțu Palace from Constanta/Romania

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There is a very beautiful building in my city that I like very much!

Built in 1899 in the Moorish style,  is located on a spur of rock, on the shore of Black Sea;  

Michael Şuţu tried to adapt and place this house between arabic architecture and traditional

The result is a charming, an architectural gem, with an impressive exterior terrace roof - gallery that is supported by colonnades with arches . The rooms inside are decorated in Arab palaces in Damascus and Algiers , with specific elements of Turkish palaces of Constantinople. The courtyard is very beautiful, with a special spiral staircase, built close to the wall structure , allowing rapid descent on the beach where there was a pier;


    -exit spiral staircase


Boyar Mihail Sutu, weather history shows that have a large dog , that walks on the terrace..

He was a man of wide culture and is known as one of the largest Romanian numismatists . Much of his collection was donated coins Tomis Romanian Academy .

The palas is closed , but it is quite degraded . I knew that owner is not known .

Current is for sale..

I hope this will be inhabited by someone who will appreciate and love.

= surse of photos - the agency who trade sale=

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