Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is an unusual holiday in that you hear of more people disliking it than liking it. It is a season of great expectations, disappointments, and a large amount of obligation. For women, especially, so much hinges on "having a Valentine," meaning a special someone who will be their designated date for the evening and whom they will exchange gifts with. Many men dread the holiday because of the enormous pressure they feel to be romantic, to plan and carry out the perfect date, to select just the right gift, and to spend more money than they can perhaps afford. Due to the build-up of this holiday as a "make it or break it" for relationships, many do not pass the test. Statistics reveal the weeks both before and after Valentines Day to be the time of year when the most romantic break-ups occur. The amount of money spent on the holiday is also mind-boggling. So, if there is so much heartache, stress, and financial burden associated with Valentines Day, why do people continue celebrating it? Perhaps humans still consider the possible pain and the inevitable stress worth it when weighed against the mutual good feelings of giving and receiving, the security of being loved, and the excitement of romance.

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