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Money means the amount of rupees by which we get or buy any thing in the market.The value of money of every country is different according to their market.Some countries have greater the value rate of money like America,UK,Germany, China etc.

And some have less value rate like India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,South Africa etc.Due to the rate of high prices the value of money will decreases day by day.By decreasing the value of money and increasing the rate goods in the market,the upper class will be more powerful but the life of a common man become more difficult because his income is very small as compare to market rate.

In every country of the world,the people are divided in to two classes on the bass of money.One is the upper class which have more money and the other is lower class.Due to the unjust distribution of wealth the upper class becomes more powerful and wealthy.

But the people of middle class have no sufficient source of income or money to spend a better life.They do not avail the facilities due to the lack of money and their life is very miserable.

We should stop and break the difference between upper and lower class and try to provide all the facilities to the poor peoples because our Islam teach us that all peoples are equal.

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