value and importance of teacher in our professional society

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Teacher is a very important part of our society. In this age, every person has a choice to choose our profession after completing the education. Some people choose medical as a profession and some are engineering. But some peoples choose teaching as a profession.

It is a very noble profession and everyone likes to it. Teaching is basically means to built the personality of the student. It is the big and basic responsibility of the teacher that they do not only to explore the knowledge but also built the proper character of the student. As we know that students are the future of every country.

So the proper take care, attention is required during the gaining process of the knowledge of the student. Teacher is the ideal personality for the student and the personalty of the teacher has greatly impact on the student's life. Even some students copy the style of the teachers so it is must that  teacher has good qualities and became her self to be the ideal for the students.

It is also necessary that the teacher to be the good friend of our students. There are so many responsibilities of the teachers that they are always love and kindly behavior to the student. The strict behavior damage the personality of the students. The teacher must be polite, cool minded and show a great interest for every student. In some school and colleges the favoritism will also exist.

The teacher give extra preference to any one of the student in the class. It is very bad thing it not only disturbed the other all the students but also damage the personality of other students. It is the responsibility of the teacher to give same concentration of all the students in the class.

The teachers must be highly qualified even masters in any of the subject and also punctual in the class. If the teacher is absent in the class then the education of the students will be suffer so the teachers must be regular in the class. If the teacher will regular in the class then student will also punctual in the class.

This punctuality will be the part of the character of the students after sometime. It is the responsibility of the teachers to enhance the good qualities and habits in the personality of a student and teachers always give the new knowledge about the things that makes a student to be the perfect man of the society in future.

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