Value of Allah's Obedience

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Prophet Younus ( A. S ) And the Whale

The boat had been adrift for sometime in the high sea. It was in danger. It became certain that soon the distressed vessel would sink. Yet, No one could suggest a way to save it.

              The sailors, through experience, knew that if a sinner or a wrongdoer was on board, then everyone's life could be in danger. The sailors announced, "In our boat there must be a sinner or a wrongdoer." All became silent. No one could recall his wrongdoing.

              The boat continued to rock and roll. There was thunder and lightning. The sea was really rough. Suddenly, one of the passengers cried out, "I am to be blamed, please throw me into water, so that the boat and its passengers may be saved." Hearing this, the sailor said, "It can't be true. We know that you are a good person. We have heard that you used to teach this town's people good things. There must be someone else here, who is the wrongdoer."

               This man of Allah then said. "I left the town without seeking permission from Allah and so disobeyed Him. I must be punished. "All this time the boat has been tossing and turning in the troubled water. They then decided that for the sake of one man, all should not be perished. So they threw this man into the sea. As soon as he was thrown into the sea, he was swallowed by a very large whale. The name of this man was Prophet Younus ( A.S ).

               Hazrat Younus ( A.S ) was engulfed into the darkness of the sea and then into the darkness of the whale's stomach. But above all, the deeper darkness and sadness which troubled him was that he had disobeyed his Allah. He cried out, " Oh my Allah! There is no one but you. I can only call upon you for help. No one can deliver me from this terrible darkness except you." Younus ( A.S ) Said again, Oh my Allah, it is only through your mercy that i am still alive. In the stomach of this huge whale,  I am guilty of your disobedience, for which i am ashamed. Please forgive me."

               The Almighty Allah heard Younus's ( A.S ) request and pleadings. The big whale threw Younus ( A.S ) out on the beach, alive! Once again Prophet Younus ( A.S ) saw the daylight. He was very happy and bent down on the sandy beach immediately before Allah the Great


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