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As much as I am concerned we all know time is very important in our living time is passing but it never come back.

even foreign  people called it gold.It means time is like gold its very  valuable and essential.

There fore before  losing the time we need to use it .

and do not waste our time .

for instance::

WE see some people they are wasting their time  BY watching TV , not learning their lessons, sleeping, going out

out site ,play with some thing,desterbing the people, Just passing the days.

These people are in sleep ,they are not in this believe  that they are losing  their valuable  time.

When they wake up ............They will understand that they are ,losing their golden time.















THEY will see the advantage of time , such us :

Bigggers said :"Do not put todays works for tomorrow  .We have to use from each moment of our time,If we put

alots of effort today, struggle  a lot , work hard, we might see the good out comes in our life in the near future.



TIME  is in passing ,Word is in changing ,people are developing  ,finally every thing are in changing .

Time is one of the key element or we can say that it plays the key rule in our life .








                                                          DO SOME THING FOR OUR SELF......!!!!!





Writer :fatema husainy



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