Various Jokes and happiness 2

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1. The ring


Girl : Honey, if we are engage now.. would you give me a ring?

Boy : Of course.. your have your cellphone ?! And also landline right ?!


2. My idol


Sometimes, we want to said that we are happy..and if you always trying to be happy ..there's just a person that we are looking for...who is that person for you..? For me its Mr. &bean.. ^_^…


3. The cremation


Charlie : Sir my uncle died and I want to cremate him.. how much is that ?

Mr : $30,000

Charlie : But I have only $15,000 , is that okay ?

Mr : Okay, Let's do half-cooked cremation.


4. In heaven..


The couple died in a car heaven.. the wife saw her husband with another woman..

What's your doing here with that woman..? The wife shouted.. 

wait!..wait!.. just take it easy.. do you remember what we promised.." till death do us part" right ?!


5. Being a friend of you , I don't want to see you hurting.. I fight for you in any trouble..and if I saw a mosquito in your forehead..I promised. I will shot it by my gun!


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