Vericoin Faucet Tutorial.

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VeriCoin  faucet allow you to get free VeriCoin that you can try out, play around with, and familiarize yourself with VeriCoin and the crypto-currency world. A VeriCoin faucet is a web site that dispenses small amounts of VeriCoins for simply entering your wallet address. It's very easy and fast.


VeriCoin is a new (since May 2014) cryptocurrency, which utilises Proof-of-Stake-Time to verify transactions. This model means, instead of mining, you earn interest on the coins in your wallet.  So without high-intensity power-hungry mining, it's also better for the environment than BitCoin. VeriCoin is also the first altcoin to be accepted by merchants, ANYWHERE BITCOIN IS ACCEPTED. Any merchant or service that accepts BitCoin as payment can automatically accept VeriCoin via VeriBit.

VeriBit (Vericoin Feature) allows seamless transactions that tens of thousands of retailers that accept Bitcoin

How to use faucet?


Read about the Vericoin.  Visit this page and select your wallet.
(For your preferred platform)

STEP 2: 

Go to:

Write (paste) your VRC address. 
You can receive free Vericoin once every 24 HOUR.
Minimum Disbursement: 0.04000000 VRC

Vericoin Faucets - Direct Links:  

  Bleufaucet - payouts made directly to your Bleutrade account. 


V E R I C O I N  H E L P: 


How to download, install,  encrypt,backup, & start 

using a Vericoin wallet.


Step 1 

Visit and click "Wallets" from the Menu above. From here please select the platform you want to use. Linux, Windows and OSX are available as Desktop Wallets and Android as a Mobile Wallet.

Step 2
Download the VeriCoin Wallet for your platform, run the program and a VeriCoin Setup Wizard Dialogue will pop up. *OSX/Mac users may need to "Allow" 3rd Party Applications to be downloaded by selecting - System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow Apps Downloaded From > Anywhere.

Step 3  

After running the VeriCoin Wallet a splash screen will appear and the BlockChain will automatically begin Downloading.
*This will take some time but only needs to be done once for brand new VeriCoin users. 

Step 4

Once the BlockChain is finished being Downloaded you will be prompted to Encrypt your VeriCoin Wallet. Please create a STRONG passphrase/password of 10 characters or more and feel free to be creative. Please repeat the New Passphrase in the second field below to verify.
*Write this password down on paper and make copies of it.

Step 5

After entering your Passphrase/Password the VeriCoin Wallet will restart. Please type in your Passphrase once more to gain access to the Wallet.  

Step 6

Once your Wallet is Synchronized with the Network it's a good idea to Back Up your Wallet to an external USB or Micro SD.
*For more information on Backing Up your Wallet please check out our video on that subject specifically at 



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