Verifying Bitlanders account and some useful tips!

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Setting up Bitlanders account & some useful tips

Hello friends


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I’m here after 9 months to tell you about setting up the bitlanders account. I was busy with studies and so was not able to write the blog on bitlanders but still, I was a bit active here. I was not active on bitlanders for some months but just completing daily quests I was able to withdraw 10 dollars without even submitting another blog. Is there any other site which pays you like this? I think no! Thanks, bitlanders.
Dear friends, in my today’s blog I will explain some useful tips for earning cash on bitlanders with very easy ways. I’m sure my tips will enrich your working experience on bitlanders.
Before I go ahead I will first tell you about bitlanders.



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Bitlanders as being a social media site for online earning is the best platform which enables to earn online in a very easy way through blogging. You can submit the quality blog of your own written to bitlanders and you will be rewarded with cash. Bitlanders is the best way to earn through blogging. Articles submitted on bitlanders can be of any topic of your choice.

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Dear friend this was some basic info about bitlanders. Now I will move forward and will tell you some top leading features of bitlanders which are very useful and different from other sites which are paying us.

Bitlanders journey:



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Bitlanders is almost 12 years old social media which is paying regularly without interruption to its users. I think this is the greatest proof that bitlanders are very authentic platform for earning online. Bitlanders payment proof is very clear and it is updated on the website when someone gets money from bitlanders. Users are continuously earning from bitlanders and taking withdraw through Payeza & PayPal method.

Writing and submitting blogs:


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You can write and submit the blog on bitlanders of your choice without any restriction. Your topic can be any of your choices. There is no need to ask for the topic from anyone. The restriction is only that your submitted content must be original and not copied from anywhere else.

Bitlanders buzz score & leaderboard:


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Through buzz score system of bitlanders, you can manage and check your own buzz score and your statistics. Your buzz score is determined by your submitted articles. If you are continuously submitting original articles, your buzz score will increase. Your earning is measured by your buzz score and calculated daily. Your earning is also transferred to your bitlanders account daily and so you are able to purchase items from the bitlanders shop and can also withdraw when it reaches at least 10 dollars.
Bitlanders leaderboard tells you top leading persons who are earning from bitlanders and these are the solid proofs. The top leading people are getting their rewards regularly. Leaderboard also helps us to reach on the profiles of the leading users very easily.


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You can also reach on leaderboard only through writing blogs and articles continuously. Your earning will also increase when your buzz score increases and you reach the leader board.
Now I will explain a very easy method for withdrawing cash from bitlanders.

When you reach at least 10 dollars on bitlanders, you are able to withdraw money from here. You withdraw cash through two different methods and these are Payeza & PayPal. Your desired method will be used to send you cash. For example, if you select Payeza for withdrawing money, you must have valid Payeza account for withdrawing money.

Here now I will tell you some basic steps before getting withdrawn from bitlanders.

Getting verified with bitlanders account:


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You must have to submit documents for account verification before you can take cash from bitlanders.
For verification purpose, you have to submit following documents to the CS of bitlanders for account approval.

ID with clear Name & Address:


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You must have to show bitlanders your clear name and address. For this purpose, you can send them identification documents such as driving license, national ID card or any other bill containing your full name and address clearly mentioned on it. This document will tell them your real identity and will clear your name and location or address.

Selfie with identification document & Bitlanders page:


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Taking your own picture with the front camera is known as Selfie. It is very famous method now. Bitlanders has cleared that we have to submit a Selfie of the account holder. We just have to carry a paper clearly mentioned bitlanders on it with our bitlanders' nickname and in another hand, we can take identification card. This picture tells clearly our real picture and bitlanders relation. While taking the paper with bitlanders, it becomes clearer that we want to work and verify with bitlanders.

How to send these documents to bitlanders?

We can send these pictures to bitlanders through email.

The email address is given here;

We have to send them the Selfie and scanned copy of identification documents. If you are planning to take a picture of the identification document with the mobile phone then it will be a bad idea. I will advise you to scan the documents for sending to CS because it is clearer that picture. Send these documents and also mention your profile address, nickname and email address in it. This will make it easier to verify your account.

Now allow bitlanders up to seven business days to verify and identify your documents for account approval. I’m sure your account will get verified very easily.

Remember one thing:


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Never send fake documents to CS because you cannot get verified through fake method. Use your own and original documents for account verification and send them through email.

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Use your own documents for account approval. Providing documents of any other person are not allowed. Don’t provide documents for two or more accounts. Only one account per person is allowed.

I’m sure that after verifying your account, you will be able to withdraw from bitlanders easily.

Thanks all for reading my blog here.


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