Veteran's theory on the strength of veteran businesses

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No matter the circumstances of life, time keeps moving forward.  I once again have a theory I would like to share about the world of business.  To some it might sound a little out there but I am sure there are many who can understand.  Imagine if I could build (G.I.V.E)   into a flawless veteran business as strong as time itself. Time being my theory.  Let's see who argrees!

I have actually used this myself while deployed or during other ventures that took overcoming fear to accomplish something.  Time itself is always moving, as is the business world.  It will never stop, nor take time to grieve, or nap, or eat, things of that nature.  Now by no means am I suggesting that this is what an ideal businessman should be but there are many who skip alot of sleep or meals and work twenty hour days to maybe not chase the dollar itself but the glory on  the otherside, the dollar amount is just a well deserved bonus. 

When a project fails, as when a Marine or soldier dies, time keeps going as if nothing at all has happened.  To be as strong as time to me is to keep flowing with it untill it allows you to reach a point of success to where you can look back and say it was a long ride but was worth it.  Then all the things we all had to pass by can be comfortably recollected and you can enjoy them and be even more thankful than if you stopped before the mission or project was done.  I will repeat myself again, there are many who may find this "out there" but there are many who have passed up certain pleasures of life to work, or being with their loved ones when they had to fight.  In the old days it took the strong to survive and thrive, and in the business world it still is that way.

For young veterans returning from war back into society as well as the lack of education in Afghanistan being replaced by the internet classrooms of Filmannex and Citadel's Roya Mahboob time will not pause and wait for anyone to catch up.  To be strong enough to keep up with the many changes and adaptions of life and to be successful at it would be a mentorship all in its own to prepare any veteran business for. 

There are many who said a dream all starts in the head.  No matter how crazy or "out there" the dream success with determine whether or not you follow it.  From the first tools made by man to make hunting easier to Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, it all started in someone's head, and many doubted every great dream, or it would not have been a dream.  Even though I am finding many veterans choose not to accept help because of whatever reason, a dream of mine to guide, and mentor the many who want a chance at greatness which many have already achieved on the battlefield, once you achieve it, it is hard to do anything else but the best.  Untill a great businessman tells me....."Jonathan there is nothing left to do"  will I start to call my audubile and turn to another avenue of approach.  Never quit untill that last beat in your chest comes and you wake up in heaven!  Semper Fi.


Jonathan Weinkiper

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