Vicky kartoos

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Vicky was a beautiful and pretty boy of 15 year old. He was only 5 year old when his mother will die. He is only one child of his parents. After his mother death Vicky and his father live sapriet. His father work all time in office. His father has no time to set his son. So he lives sad after his other death.

A boy his name was SHAKER which was betted him. He tells his father about this matter but his father doing nothing. One day Vicky mates a person which wants to fight with SHAKER. So Vicky makes this person to his teacher and walk behind him.

After some time Vicky passed his inter exam and after this he start drugs business. When his father knows about this he gets out from home. When he lives his master and makes a big bad boy. People frightened to his name. He is bossing of a gang now them.


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