Video ISIS Cut US Journalist Steven Sotloff Circulating on the Internet

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The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or better known as ISIS re-released a video beheading of a journalist USA (United States), Steven Sotloff.

Video titled 'Message to America Serikat` Both showed Sotloff beheaded by a masked man who allegedly named John. Site aktivistas tracking terrorist group, SITE reported, beheading video is uploaded to the Internet nearly two weeks after the beheading of James Foley.

Before executing Sotloff, the executioner who believed the Britons were said to President Barack Obama: "I'm back, Obama, and I'm back because you are arrogant foreign policy of the Islamic State."

Executioner decapitating Sotloff also believed to be the same as Foley's henchmen. Sotloff beheading scene is also similar to the beheading scene Foley, where Sotloff forced belutut while reading a statement addressed to Obama.

"Obama's foreign policy by intervening in Iraq just for the sake of America Tuft. So why do I have to pay the price over the life of the policy with me? Am I not an American citizen?" Sotloff said before he was executed, as quoted from the pages of the Mirror, Wednesday (03/09/2014).

The video then ends with the threat that ISIS would behead a British citizen named David Cawthorne Haines. "If the video is genuine, we are fed up with this brutality," said a spokesman for the State Department, Jen Psaki.

Sotloff 31-year-old reportedly abducted in Syria in 2013 when the last known whereabouts of his face appeared at the end of the video last month, along US journalists, James Foley who had been beheaded first.

When it is mentioned Foley, the fate of the US journalist Steven Sotloff depends on President Obama next step. After the murder of Foley, mother Sotloff apply to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to kill his son.

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