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MAZ The Battle Of Greenhill

MAX The Battle Of Greenhill is a game held in the city of Manizales-Colombia - with the support of local government, which has seen ICT strategies in a timely way to tell the story of the city through an attractive video game mobile platform (Tablets and Smartphone).
This game comes as an initiative of private enterprise in partnership with local government (Institute of Culture and Tourism of Manizales), in the desire to provide innovative solutions to common problems for manizaleños solutions; as the ignorance of its history, for which it was necessary leverage on a technological medium (video game), which allows the user to know the history of the city and enjoy an interactive experience at the same time. This game is set in a digital, practical and attractive solution for new generations.

MAX The Battle Of Greenhill is a strategy game -tower Defense- that tells the story of the city of Manizales, through mythological elements including epic characters circulating in the locations most characteristic of the region; evokes ancient times legends and unknown to many people. This game brings together characters of Colombian mythology as mohanes, witches, goblins among other native characters in the country. Its main character is Fermin Lopez, first colonizer of the city, which lies in the area protecting his family and his land, animals and intruders.


MAX The Battle Of Greenhill Fermin Lopez. Fermin, the main character around which turns this interesting story

MAX The Battle Of Greenhill tower defense. A sample of the type of gun turrets used by advocates to fight the mythological beings
MAZ image gameplay Battle Of The Greenhill. In this picture we see a little aesthetic game

Fermin formed a secret organization of advocates, supported by the other colonists, to face the fearsome creatures that lurk the city and keep safe their region.

We leave you with this Game Play where you will see the powerful graphics of the game.


The creator of the game was CG Makers, a studio located in the city of Manizales has over 7 years experience working in the digital content industry, belongs to the cluster of Art and Technology in the country; Parquesoft. CG Makers has participated in international co-production of an animated film - Jungle SHUFFLE and has carried out numerous projects for international companies such as BBVA, Nokia and Adobe Systems and Disney Latam.

MAZ Battle Of Greenhill is available for Android and IOS operating systems, your download is gratuitadesde Play Store and Apple Store.



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