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Location: Tam Dao Resort is located in Tam Duong District, 86km from Hanoi, between Ban Thach, Thien Nhi, and Phu Nghia Mountains.

Characteristic: Tam Dao Resort is a wonderful resort with fresh, pure and cooling air, beautiful scenery.  

      Tam Dao Resort is the ideal destination for vacations in the North with an area of 235ha lying at the attitude of 900m above sea level. It has been known since the Ly and Tran dynasties for its wonderful scenic spots. However, it was not transformed into a resort by the French until the 20th century (1904–1906). In Tam Dao, there are villas, hotels, restaurants, sports fields, swimming pools, and dancing halls.

The weather is cool all year round with an average temperature of 20 to 22°C. In summer, tens of thousands of tourists visit Tam Dao to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 


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