Vietnam feverish for Apple’s new phones

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days after apple unveiled its lates smartphone in  the us , phone shops in vietnam have loffed orders for thousands of devices that will only arrive later this monht at the aerliest 

many electrolics shops on thai ha street in downtown hainoi are still waitingn for iphone 6 and 6 pluses to arive , but their staffs are willing to wirite sown the phone numbers of in terested customers

hopeful byers must put ar leat vnd milion (us$47) down in advance and at least untiol september 19 , when thw international version goaes on sale in hong kong

a saleman at an FPT alectrolics oaulet said would have the  phones  vy the middle of next month and expect tocharge more than VND20 minion ( $944)for the phones vietnam's per capita in come was $1.890 in 20013, acccordingto the word bank

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