Vijyadashmi a festival that gives a unique message to all of us.

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        Vijyadashmi is the Indian festival which is of 10 days in this Indian festival Hindu people learns about the victory of faith over false. This festival has a very unique meaning for Hindu and they celebrate this festival during all the 10 days of Vijyadashmi. During the first 9 days they worship of different characters of godess Durga and on the 10 day they worship Lord Rama. Those nine days of Vijyadashmi are called as Navratri and that tenth day of Vijyadashmi is called as Dushehra.

                  Dushehra is a festival of joy which signifies the victory of goodness over badness, Dushehra is celebrated by Hindus. Dushehra is celebrated on the occasion when Hindu Rama killed Sri Lankan king Ravana and took his Wife goddess Sita back from his Ravan’s talon safely. After that day Hindu celebrates this festival as a medium to tell others that no matter how strong evil is but it will always be defeated by goodness.

                      In Hindu’s dushehra has a very unique celebration it is celebrated on the tenth day of Navratri, Navratri means nine nights in Hindi. Navratri is a festival which is very uniquely celebrated in India. Kolkata is the place where anyone can see the true colors of Navratri on the ninth day of Navratri Goddess Durga kills a demon named Mahisasur. Most of the Hindu people keep fast during Navratri because according to Hindu mythology these nine days of Navratri are the best time of the year and if anyone dies during these days that person goes to heaven. Bengali people celebrate this with joy and anyone can see the true colors of Durga pooja, they bring statue of goddess Durga and on the 10 day of Vijyadashmi celebration they sail the statue on the wharf of any river or any pond.

               India is a country which shows that how people from different religion can stay united and happy in one country.

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