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Village life is more beautiful than city. In village, the houses are built by mud. The roads are not properly constructed and the path are covered with dust.The peoples of village are not well educated.

They lead the simple life, where everything is pure and fresh like milk, water, vegetables and fruits. Most of the people work in the field and their profession is agriculture.

The woman both work in homes like washing clothes, prepare food and also take care of their children and domestic animals like hen, dog, sheep, goats and also work in the fields.

The environment of the village are very clean and fresh as compared to cities because in village, the people do not cut large number of trees. That's why the atmosphere is clean and fresh.

The peoples of the village enjoy their night in the fields. They are lived together with lots of love. The night of the village is most beautiful, when moon light falls on the water and cold wind blows everywhere.

The people of the village are healthy and brave as compared to the people of cities because they face more hardships.The people of the village are mostly travel on the buses because it is the only source of transportation.

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