Village life and City life

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Village life is more beautiful and peaceful,

more quite and pure, more happy and healthy than city life.

Nature is at its better than city.An abundance of natural scenery is everywhere there.


Matchless beauty of sunrises and sunsets can be seen in villages.Flourishing field, flowery meadows and chirping birds are there to feed our eyes and ears.


Clean and vast atmosphere, open and smokeless air give us immense pleasure and refresh our lungs.Villagers are honest, sincere, simple and hard working people.They do not know the corruption of city life.

But village life has its own demerits as well.Villagers are rough, quarrelsome, superstitious and uneducated.


They carry on their disputes with one another for centuries.Most of their time and energy is wasted in disputes.Jails and courts are their favourite places.The poor habitants of villages are oppressed by big landlords on one hand and by false religious peers on the other."Thanedars" & "Patwaries" feed on them like vultures on carrion.


They waste their money on social ceremonies and are often over head and ears in debt.Village life is, sometimes, very dirty.Due to absence of sanitation facilities it causes-diseases.

On the other hand city life has its own qualities and demerits.These are full of glamour, crowed and congestion.Peace of mind, leisure and contentment are missing in cities.

 Everyone is motivated to work like a machine.Everyone is involved in a mad race for money and power.A competition of each field can be seen everywhere.Noise is nerve breakingair is polluted, food is impure, people  are very selfish, houses and streets are narrow and ill ventilated.


Traffic accidents are common.Corruption, bribery, hoarding and black marketing are common.there are many open and secret haunts of sins immorality everywhere.

But cities have many qualities too. Facilities of education, communication, transportation, sanitation, recreation and medical treatment are very common in cities then villages. Banks and buildings, roads and railways, cinemas and theaters, open parks and ply grounds, big colleges and hospitals, well dressed and good looking people give attraction to provide an additional charm. The city people are better educated and better minded than villagedwellers.

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