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in spring i went to village ,and i stay for many days there ,
they love each other very much but their lives are very different .
they life in a house made of mud , wood and chopped straw .

they fetched water from a well , which supplied the whole village .
cooking was done on an open fire ,
and lighting was provided by oil lamps.
when someone was sick , his mother used to make remedies from plants ans trees that grew
in the area .
the evening entertainment was to sit and litsen to stories told by the older members of the family.
in village is not good college , so the student go to city and learn educations .
the children go to the mosque and learn Quran ,
the men are farmer and work in farm , the women are homemaker.
between village lif and city life are a big change in people's life styles.


writer : Asra Omid

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Asra Omid is an Afghan girl, she was born in April 28 , 1994 in Herat,Afghanistan .she finished school two years ago in 2011 from Mahjoba Heravi high school . she is a member of the National unity tribes assembly of Afghanistan ,and she is a blog writer at film…

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