Violence against Women

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Violence against Women

Violence against women is one of the burning women related issues in the country. There have been rapes against women, dowry deaths, cruelty against the wife by the husband or his kins and the numbers have been very alarming. The sad thing is that though there have been laws to protect the women from such atrocities and violence’s in the domestic front, and yet the numbers have steadily increased.

Physical Violence

The most common form of domestic violence prevalent is known as Physical injury. Some of the actions which fall within the jurisdiction or scope of Physical Violence are pushing, slapping, hitting hard with any body part or with a weapon, pinching to name a few. Physical violence, a form of domestic violence and is much easier to prove as usually there are evidence on the body like an injury or a mark left and can also be very easily backed by physicians if required in the court of law in case the woman against whom the domestic violence has been done, decides to move to the court.

Psychological or emotional abuse

Psychological or emotional abuse is a form of abuse which is much difficult to prove in comparison to the physical violence but women are becoming increasingly aware of this form of violence often emotional abuse has much more severe and lasting effects compared to physical violence. This kind of abuse can often strip the women victims of self-respect and self-esteem and women often might go into depression and in extreme situations might often commit suicide.

Sexual violence or assault

Sexual assault in India is very prevalent and is a form of violence against women and can comprise of unwanted or forceful behavior towards a woman or a girl. Rape which can be marital or non marital is a type of sexual abuse which has grown at an increasing and alarming rate.

There are several human right groups who are working tirelessly and selflessly to eradicate this issue. Even the government in India is trying to enforce stricter laws to protect the interests of women in the country.

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