Violence against Women as a Human Rights Violation

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Violence against women occurs when the human rights of women are violated, such as when women are physically injured, raped, beaten, held captive, or forced to work or provide services against their will. When women are trapped in  violent  marriages or  homes, repeatedly battered, verbally abused and  completely under the control of their husbands or partners, that is violence against women. The physical, mental and emotional abuse that women suffer from as a result of violence have a tremendous impact on the health and well being of women. 

Abused women are more likely to suffer  from depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, eating problems, sexual dysfunction  and  reproductive  health  complications. Violence  may affect the  reproductive  health  of women  through  the transmission  of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Unplanned pregnancies may sometimes become risk factors and lead to more  aggression  and  abuse. Effects of violence  maybe  fatal as a  result  of severe  injury, homicide or suicide.





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