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Do you know? Violence is not always a livid eye, a broken tooth, and bloody nose .violence can be humiliation and sometimes just  one look. Glance of a brother when his sister laughs loudly in a party. A glance that we can’t see, we don’t know its future when we are not instead of is a fear which has found its way into women’s soul.

All of them are non-word violence, without touching. Violence is that when a woman opens the door suddenly her body shakes by looking a man who, stands on that side of the door, is a mask that a women puts it on her face to shouldn’t be herself, And should be enough for a man. a man can straggle woman without any touching. violence Is that that alas that comes to everyone’s eye when a woman births a you know? That, beating is not worst part of violence, gray eye broken body bloody nose can get will soon but her broken soul will never get will.

Violence is those words that two men curse each other when they get angry.

writer: Susan Rahmani



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susan rahmani one of the womensannex writer .

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