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Ayub Park

Ayub National Park which is basically known as Ayub Park and its previous name is Topi Rakh Park.Its named after the Pakistani former president General Ayub Khan.Its a national park located in the mid of the city and near to old presidency located in Rawalpindi Pakistan.This park was actually established before the creation of our beloved country Paksiatan.Biggest park in the city covers the area of 2300 acres of land.Park established in late 1960s by RCB (Rawalpindi Cantonment Board).Ayub is basically divided into many parts snake house , Jungle world , vintage park , vintage house ans new open Zoo gallery.Happy to say that its provide entertainment for all, Its a family park with proper government peoples and full secure . Its a full time entertainment package.




Zoo which also named as animal park is  basically a facility in which all the animals collectively placed in order to display for the public ,  so that they can also see and enjoy  all  the animals to see at the same time and entertain there selves.



Taxidermy is basically a term in which animals skin is prepared for displaying in museums and for study purposes or it can be understandable by simple word preservation.Taxidermy are almost done on all types of animals and birds in now a days.

How it can be done elaborate from following diagram.

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Zoo Gallery

Today I share my experance of my recent visit of new opened Zoo gallery for public inside the National Ayub Park .Zoo gallery is opened near to the entrance of the Ayub park.Basically in  Zoo gallery  bodies of preserved animals is diplaying for the public.Thesr are number of animals bodies are there and I will share all of them in detail in below. 


I will be show inners side of the zoo gallery , its an amazing one.These animals are not killed by that purpose these are died are their bodies are preserved and now displaying here and some of them import from other countries.This info i collected from a care taker and ticket checker of this gallery

Bengal Tigers (Cub)

 Bengal tigers a basically associated with tiger species and mostly found in India and Bangladesh.These tigers are considered to be second largest tigers in the world.Bengal tiger cub are displaying.


Deer are basically mammals from the class Cervidae. This family contains all the species of white tailed deer , reindeer deer ,red ones and more..




Oaten Peacock

Green Java Peacock

Green Java Peacock which is also known as green peafowl which is mostly found in the forest of south asia.It is also in large number in India. 



Siamese pheasant

Siamese pheasant is also known as Diard's fireback which is basically a larger pheasant ranges from 60 to 80cm in length.It mostly have extensive facial skin which is totally red and a long curved blackish colour tail.These lovely pheasant mostly found in evergreen forest of Cambodia Thiland.It is also a national bird of Thailand. 


Yellow Pheasant

The Yellow pheasant or chinese pheasant i related to family phasianidae ofpheasants.Majority of these pheasants found in Canada  and US.I england they found in dense forest landscape of scilly.


White Pheasant

White pheasant are also belongs to family of pheasant .As name indicates that they are white in colour and white ears too. They are also called snow fowl and live in large flocks.




Blue ring necked Parrot

Blue Ring Necked Parrot is al known as ring necked parrot.Adult male in majority black and red ring necked dominent but both immature ones don't have necked rings .Both sexes have different colours from each other a lot.Majority their length is 40cm maximum full including long tail feathers .In general they are noisy species and squawking in large all the time and they are not migrated ones.It also have a popular pet species in the entire world.Their population also increasing a lot in past few years and amazing as pet.


African Gray Parrot

African Gray Parrot is basically an old parrot in the world (means oldest specy) .It is also a medium sized parrot  grey in colour and weights almost 400 grams and their length is almost about 33cm in length and 52 almost with long tail feather.Both sexes are almost similar to each other and both have dark eyes.They are also known as long life span parrots more tahn 23 years or more.


Indian Raw Parrot

Indian Raw parrot  also called as Alexandrine parakeet , their named as after Alexander the Great.They are found in many regions means larger species then others. 




Cockatoo parrot

A cockatto parrot is also nice species of bird family.These ones are  mainly from Australian and the Philippines as well.Their name basically origin from Indonesian name called KAKA.These are also colourful birds with amazing look with showy chests as well as curved bills.They are larger than normal parrots in average.Also  found in almost zoo and as pet too.They are popular birds basically in aviculture but what they need to eat cant meet there.White Cockattos are mostly common colour in them.




Trumpeter is member of family which are mostly found in forests of Amazon and in south America.Many of their species are look like chicken and their length rages from 40 to 52 cm approx.Their weights are almost 1.5 kg  .


Vulturine Guinea Fowl


Crested Guinea Fowl

Ostrich Eggs 

Peacock Eggs

EMU eggs



The Puma also commonly known as Cougar and it is also called as mountain lion.It is the part of mammels family and largely found in South America .Puma is an predator and a wide range of pray and primary pray is deer and livestock.It can also hunt down little species as well.They are quite big and also have power to hunt down humans as well.Dangerous animals lions family.




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