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-The Logo Life Cycle 

First Impression

Ok so by now you should know the importance of visual communication for your business. So where do you go from there?  Well let’s start with a logo. Every business should have one, its one of the most important things you need to begin your entrepreneurial journey. It is a visual definition of your entire business, and acts as the first impression to your business. So it is vital to reflect your business appropriately. A logo is not a direct sale, it is an identity.


The design of a logo depends entirely on the business, service, or corporation it is intended for. Lets be honest not many designers are going to use a pink teddy bear for a technician, although it would certainly capture the memorable factor!

It depends on the individual as well, sometimes people are set in their ways with what they want, even know the designer has more knowledge to know that it may not work. It is important that the core message is identified within the design process.


So who designs it? A professional designer will have experience and knowledge on the correct programs, and will hold the necessary creative skill set to design with a fresh approach. There are many free logo sites too, if you prefer to have a logo with no actual meaning behind it, which will lack in capturing that core message.

I would be inclined to search about first, and listen to what other businesses say about their own visual content, who has designed theirs? What is available online? A meeting is always good. Especially for the initial understanding of each other’s expectations. You can usually tell face to face whether that person ‘gets you’ or not.  Alternatively if you’re a creative like me, then you can design your own, but being a creative and designing your own logo needs lots of critics!

There are thousands of logo’s with very creative messages, make sure yours is memorable, versatile, timeless, appropriate and simple.  

“It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning. It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolizes.”

Paul Rand – Graphic Designer

All views my own, thank you reading.


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