Vivid Blossom

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Vivid Blossom...



You're my vivid blossom--
the color and beauty in my life.
I need only think about you,
and I forget my worries.
I hear your voice and time slips away,
and I forget to hurry.
You're the feeling deep inside me
that makes everything seem right.
You're the sweet dreams that
visit me each night.
No tempest could tear the
vine that binds you to my heart.
No winter winds
could douse the flame
that you've instilled in my soul.
Only you can make me feel whole.
Nothing makes me happier
than holding you in my arms.
I've only to hold your hand
and I feel safe from all harm.
I look forward to every sunrise,
knowing you're a part of my life.
I look forward to every sunset,
knowing that my wildest
romantic dream came true
the day I found my vivid blossom in you.

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