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1.            ‘Achilles heel’ means-

                A. habitually                          B. suddenly           C. weak point        D. in spite of everything     E. none of these

  1. ‘Black sheep’ means-

                A. person of bad character                B. great person     C. ill feeling           D. supreme                           E. none of these

  1. ‘Come to light’ means-

                A. make open       B. become known                C. bitterly against D. win a victory                     E. none of these

  1. ‘End in smoke’ means-

                A. fail                                      B. apply                  C. week point        D. in the proper time          E. none of these

  1. ‘Man of letters’ means-

                A. worthless man                 B. an ideal person C. a scholar           D. person of bad character E. none of these

  1. ‘Square meal’ means-

                A. breakfast                           B. supper               C. full meal            D. quarter meal                    E. none of these  

  1. ‘Turn down’ means-

                A. refuse                                B. inactive              C. rise and fall       D. in spite of everything     E. none of these

  1. ‘At arm’s length’ means-

                A. at a distance                     B. short distance  C. long way            D. in no way                          E. none of these

  1. ‘Bone of contention’ means-

                A. matter of distance           B. indulge in idle vision C. punish      D. in spite of everything     E. none of these

  1. ‘Gala day’ means-

                A. day of victory                   B. sunny day          C. rainy day           D. a day of festivity              E. none of these

  1. ‘Lame excuse’ means-

                A. near relatives                   B. bad plea            C. defective           D. avoid                                  E. none of these

  1. ‘Take one to task’ means-

                A. to run away                      B. rebuke               C. strongly             D. through all difficulties    E. none of these

13.          ‘At daggers drawn’ means-

                A. in all cases                        B. at the lowest     C. without provocation     D. at enmity                           E. none of these

  1. ‘Bring to book’ means-

                A. die                                      B. absurd story     C. punish                                D. a & c                                  E. all of these

  1. ‘Carry the day’ means-

                A. win victory                        B. in activity           C. memorable bay                D. liberate                             E. none of these

  1. ‘In fine’ means-

                A. in decision                        B. end point          C. nice                                    D. in conclusion                    E. all of above

  1. ‘Out of date’ means-

                A. off site                               B. out of side         C. out of fashion                   D. in fashion                          E. none of these

  1. ‘Stone’s throw’ means-

                A. rebuke                              B. refuse                                C. beat severely                 D. within very short distance   E. none of these

19.          ‘Weal and woe’ means-

                A. good and bad                   B. joy and sorrow C. intimate friend                D. an integral part                E. none of these

  1. ‘Three R’s’ means-

                A. elementary education    B. primary knowledge C. higher education     D. a scholar                           E. none of these

  1. ‘Moot point’ means-

                A. just opposite                    B. major part         C. defective                           D. an integral part               E. an undecided matter

  1. ‘Far and wide’ means-

                A. anywhere                         B. everywhere      C. a & b                                  D. all of above                       E. none of these

  1. ‘By far’ means-

                A. soon                                   B. in the long run C. become known                D. in all respects                   E. none of these

  1. ‘At large’ means-

                A. freedom                            B. victory               C. without break                   D. a & b                                  E. free

  1. ‘In cold blood’ means-

                A. free mood                        B. without provocation C. ill feeling                  D. person of bad character E. none of these

  1. ‘To the letter’ means-

                A. to the core                       B. primary education C. in all case                    D. in all details                      E. none of these

27 .         ‘Round the clock’ means-

                A. twenty-four hours           B half day               C. twelve hours                    D. half past                            E. none of these

  1. ‘Irony of fate’ means-

                A. by bad luck                       B. by good luck     C. bad plea                            D. major part                         E. none of these

  1. ‘For good’ means-

                A. instead of                          B. be effective      C. for ever                             D. complete                          E. none of these

  1. ‘By and large’ means-

                A. rapidly                               B. mostly                C. heavily                               D. quickly                               E. all of these

  1. ‘To the backbone’ means-

                A. through all difficulties    B. make open        C. to the core                        D. with all energy                 E. none of these

  1. ‘Hard and fast’ means-

                A. rigid                                   B. quickly               C. very fast                            D. with all energy                 E. none of these

  1. ‘At stake’ means-

                A. declining                           B. primarily            C. in danger                           D. with all belongings          E. none of these

  1. ‘Bad blood’ means-

                A. ill feeling                           B. scattered           C. bad relation                      D. doubt                                 E. none of these

  1. ‘Call in question’ means-

                A. remember                        B. doubt                 C. be hurt                              D. fruitless                             E. none of these

  1. ‘Hold water’ means-

                A. without provocation       B. be effective      C. cold water                         D. fail                                      E. none of these

37           ‘In a hurry’ means-

                A. very briefly                       B. suddenly           C. certainly                            D. very quickly                      E. none of these

  1. ‘set free’ means-

                A. freedom                            B. liberate              C. scattered                           D. obedient                           E. none of these  

  1. ‘Null and avoid’ means-

                A. invalid                                B. valid                   C. no well                              D. fruitless                             E. avoid

40.          ‘On the wane’ means-

                A. full details                         B. declining           C. useless pursuit                 D. without break                 E. none of these

  1. ‘Pros and cons’ means-

                A. habitually                          B. suddenly           C. week point                        D. details                                E. none of these

  1. ‘In order to’ means-

                A. with the object of            B. instead of          C. in writing                           D. in all cases                        E. none of these

  1. ‘Hue and cry’ means-

                A. in an uneasy situation     B. pretended cry  C. a noise                               D. cut to the quick               E. a &b

  1. ‘Cock and bull story’ means-

A. very heavily                      B. suddenly           C. absurd story                     D. to speak plainly                E. c & d

  1. ‘As usual’ means-

                A. habitually                          B. regularity          C. supreme                            D. d & c                                  E. none of these

  1. ‘By no means’ means-

                A. in no way                          B. meaning less     C. in all possible ways          D. in obedient                       E. none of these

  1. ‘Cut a sorry figure’ means-

                A. scattered                          B. declining           C. matter of dispute             D. make bad result               E. none of these

  1. ‘Dead against’ means-

                A. bitterly                              B. rough idea        C. die                                      D. indulge in idle vision       E. none of these

  1. ‘Ins and outs’ means-

                A. in all cases                        B. be hurt              C. full details                         D. start and end                    E. none of these

  1. ‘At a loss’ means-

                A. habitually                          B. puzzled              C. not profit                           D. in danger                          E. b & c  



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