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1. My enemy is a ____.
A. heart of hearts B. herd nut to crack C. house of cards D. golden man
2. I can’t accept such ____.
A. ivory tower B. irony of choices C. lame excuse D. high word
3. I can’t depend upon a ____ like him.
A. chicken hearted fellow b. big guns C. bone of connection D. white elephant
4. The news of his death came as a____.
A. broken reed B. bull in a China shop C. bolt from the blue D. close man
5. It is ____ to me whether he came or not.
A. all over B. all the same C. all in all D. anything but
6. I was ____ and did not know what to do.
A. in loss B. in vogue C. in a loss D. at a loss
7. He came____.
A. last B. at the hour C. at the eleventh hour D. in the twelfth hour
8. I told him ____ that you had come.
A. by enlarge B. by large C. by the by D. by and by
9. He shows great energy ____.
A. by fits and stars B. by fit stars C. by fit and star D. by all means
10. I am tried of doing the same work ____.
A. hear and soul B. by and by C. day in and day out D. days in long
11. He talked in a ____ manner.
A. free B. free and easy C. hard and fast D. free will
12. He loved by all ____.
A. high-lows B. High and low C. hole and D. head and front corner
13. Give the story____.
A. in a nut shell B. sum and substance C. ins and out D. in good faith
14. I am ____ of master.
A. in the good looks B. in the good books C. in the grace D. in the midst
15. The enemy surrendered ____.
A. like a lamb B. length and breadth C. in vogue D. in the soup
16. The performance was ____.
A. milk and honey B. milk and water C. milk of water D. lock and stock
17. ____had he came then I came.]
A. not late B. not soon C. not until D. no sooner
18. He is a painter____.
A. of the years B. of the first day C. of the first water D. on and on
19. The story is false ____ it.
A. on the face of B. on the face it C. on the eve of D. on the contrary
20. Do not go____.
A. out of home B. out of doors C. out and out D. out of gear
21. He is wicked____.
A. to the backbone B. to the leg C. by head D. well and woe
22. He gave ____ for his statement in the book.
A. chapters and verses B. chapter with verses C. chapter and verse D. chapter of verses
23. He showed ____ when the danger came.
A. cool feet B. cold water C. cold feet D. cold machine
24. He shed ____ at my failure.
A. crying need B. crying C. crocodile tears D. cog in the machine
25. What you say is ____ to me.
A. English B. Sanskrit C. Hieroglyphics D. Greek


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