Vocational Education Along With Social Media

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A system that, in essence, works toward women individuality, is the new Film Annex Buzz Score and Revenue Sharing System and severs as a vocational education. This scheme enables women more in working for their independence either financially and educationally. women in developing countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are subject to become professional writers, social media experts, filmmakers and software developers. He points out that " The real novelty and game changer of this project is to put young women and students in developing countries at the same level of reward as those in developed countries, while letting them to access financial opportunities and revenues. Instead of being underpaid due to their location, they are paid based on their BuzzScore and Social Media Reach."

The process is just to be more active on their online browsing, the more active the more revenue they might gain. For more insight you might read Francesco Rulli’s article on this issue. The new Buzz Score system would be in fluctuation based on their blogs, filmmaking and sharing. Beginning by the basic concept of improving her skills with the Examer Vocational and Educational Software, she can enter the world of social media and online advertising through the Film Annex platform. Based on their interest and social media connections and influence they are rewarded with international micro-scholarships.

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